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The exquisite art by henna brought to you by Anisha a professional and experienced mehendi Artist.

Anisha is the leading Henna Tattoo artist, with a unique creativity, years of experience and skills developed in India, where the Mehendi (Henna Tattoo, the art of body painting) is first known to have originated. Anisha specializes in doing intricate ethnic, bridal, contemporary designs, Arabic henna design and exotic patterns on various parts of the body. She provides Henna Services for all special occasions including Bridal mehendi, Mehendi parties ,Baby Shower, Lady Sangeet, Bridal Shower, Id, Karwachauth , Diwali, Corporate events, Fashion show, Exhibitions, Charity events, Graduation parties, Festivals and Any events & parties ,Specializing in quality mehendi application at affordable price for all your mehendi requirement and Any Special Celebration to make the moment memorable.

Her wide spread success and a client base that spreads to cover every continents speaks volumes about her achievements. Anisha’s business flourished not by advertising but simply-word–of– mouth publicity from extremely pleased clients.

Anisha has s natural talent for the arts & designing. She has held many intercollegiate titles for Mehendi design and Rangoli .

She want’s to expand her business to include decorations & wedding related things.

Anisha specially selects Henna from the best Henna plants grown in India and the Henna paste is especially handmade fresh to get the perfect blend of Color. It has NO chemicals or dye added and is completely safe for children too. She offers you a very professional service and competitive quote.

My mehendi cones are made and packed freshly using the highest quality mehendi powder from RAJASTHAN. Mehendi cones are 100% naturals and contain natural oils and water.

I do not use black henna and strongly advises people not to use this as an alternative to natural henna which is safe.

I use Glitter Mehendi, kundan Mehendi, jardosi Mehendi, Fun Sparkling alternative to Henna.

Mehendi also known as Henna is an ancient Indian Body Art. It is used in creating intricate ethnic or contemporary designs and exotic patterns on various parts of the body. It is completely natural, non-permanent and painless. Mehendi was once thought only for women but now men are finding it a nice alternative to permanent tattoos.


The term “Mehendi” is the Indian word for Henna, and it is also the term used to describe the art of applying Henna. Mehendi is used to create temporary tattoos mainly to the hands and feet of a woman. It is also used for dying hair and to color  nails. Traditionally it was used for its medicinal qualities. Henna is made from a herb which is known by the same name. The Henna plant is like the tea plant. The leaves are dried and ground into a fine powder. This powder is mixed with water, eucalyptus oil, tea, coffee, and lime and then applied on the body. The Egyptian Queen Cleopatra is supposed to have used henna to color her hair. Today many popular Hollywood stars like Madonna and Demy More use it.

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Mehendi prices vary based on the designs, patterns, size and intricacy.
Individual designs starts as low as $5 and goes up by design and coverage. [Minimum $150 business to make house call]
Simple Design: Arabic Style $5.00 per hand or feet each side.
Half hand: Arabic & Indian Style $10.00 per hand each side.
Half hand and simple design: Traditional Style $15.00 per hand.
We can customize any design according to individual’s needs. For group events and parties, weddings, Sangeet and Mehendi party we charge $75 an hour for minimum 3 hours booking required.
Mehendi for the Bridal Party
$75 per hour, per artist. (Minimum of 3 hours)
Up to 12 to 15 hands with simple designs are done in one hour.
Bridal package starts from as low as $150. Price varies according to design, coverage and intricacy.
Bridal Mehendi Package
Bridal Mehendi up to the middle of the forearm (half way between wrist and elbow), front and back sides of arms, including the feet – $250-$300.
Bridal Mehendi up to the elbows, front and back sides of the arms, including the feet – $300-$350.
Bridal Mehendi up to the biceps, inside and outside of biceps, front and back sides of the arms including the feet – $350 and up.
Glitter Mehendi:
Glitter Mehendi is available upon request. It can be applied on top of the Mehendi at the Mehendi party, wedding, reception, or for all three events! When applied, it lasts for the duration of your event. It peels off just like the natural Mehendi and it doesn’t stain the skin. It is used for décor purposes to accent the Mehendi designs. The colors for the Glitter Mehendi are tastefully applied to coordinate with the bride’s attire on the night of the Mehendi party and can be applied to match the bride’s wedding and reception attire as well. The bridal party can also take advantage of this unique feature. It adds a hint of sparkle and photographs beautifully!
Glitter Mehendi – additional $50.
‘Minimum deposit required for the booking . This deposit will be adjusted in the final amount. Please book in advance. Once a deposit is made, we will book the dates and time for you. The deposit is non-refundable and cannot be adjusted against other services/dates.
If deposit is not made, then the order is not considered as confirmed and this date and times are made available to others. Thank you for your cooperating and understanding in this matter
Additional travel charges may apply depending on the distance, plus toll & parking for roundtrip from Streamwood Il. Minimum business of $200 is required to provide the onsite services.
Our bridal consultations are absolutely free of charge. It is a commitment free appointment. Free Mehendi consultation up to 15 to 20 minutes. We go over the pictures. Bride gets to choose Mehendi design, and free Mehendi sample for bride-to-be only. We talk about style, colors, design.
We show you our own Henna portfolio, and not the work of other artists. Our Henna artwork is unique to our own style .We do encourage you to show us styles of designs that you like.
We can create custom designs especially just for you, and your style. There are no hidden charges. When the Henna Sooq, and the client agree on a fixed price for the bridal package it is adhered to, unless the client makes any changes to that package.



Anisha has exhibited some of her finest Mehendi work at events and exhibitions around the Chicago Il. Some exhibitions include the Asian bride show in India house, Ashyana Banquets, Flat art gallery, Id mela, Think Art Presents.

Anisha exhibited her work at Chicago’s launch of Absolut Mango vodka celebrations in 2009. In many cultures the Mango represents Love, Prosperity and Fertility. These three virtues served as the backdrop for the Indian themed event which took place at HOTEL SAX in down town Chicago.

The Chicago launch of Absolut Mango had traditional Indian bhangra dance performance, Henna artists and a Bindi and Bangle station entertainment for the guests.

See the video on YouTube – Absolut Mango Chicago Industry launch in 2009 in Hotel SAX with Mehendi celebration.



Contact Us

For a free quote on our services simply fill out the form and we will contact you with more information alternatively you may email me to the address shown below or call for a booking.

Contact in to:-

E-mail: info@anishacreations.com
Telephone No: 224-522-6555